✅ Construction Design Consultant
✅ Interior design
✅ Construction of Furniture
✅ Manufacturing and Construction of Furniture by design
✅ New Construction, Construction and renovation
Drawing-room in golden and red colors interior in classic style,
Architectural design
Design Construction
Designing villas, townhouses
With a team of Architects, engineers, graphic experts … Using specialized training knowledge will meet the requirements of the functional, technical as well as aesthetic of the design tools. architecture. Design of office buildings, apartment buildings, villas, townhouses, restaurants, hotels, resorts ..

We want to bring to our customers the most beautiful architectural styles, suitable for urban landscapes, buildings. Your home will become more special, showing your style and personality.

Interior design
Office design
Design of apartments, shops, showrooms, restaurants …
IDT company we specialize in providing interior design services. Design Of Bank, Office, House, Shops, Showroom. With a team of architects experienced in the profession, has done many projects at home and abroad. Designing and constructing interior is one of the things that should be done right from the beginning, the investor visualizes the space, budgeting, to perfect the space, ensuring usability as well as aesthetic factors. This is a difficult period with many investment items in design and construction and is expensive. You will also have to spend time looking for a professional contractor, how much time do you spend researching “market” information but you still have not found any reputable interior design unit? You have a headache when choosing, because there are so many interior design units with so many different prices?
Interior construction
Construction of Bank Furniture
Construction of office furniture, home, shop, showroom, spa …
Our company IDT specializes in providing interior construction services: Bank Furniture Construction, Offices, Houses, Shops, Showrooms. With a team of architects experienced in the profession, have done many projects at home and abroad. Along with that, we have a factory with modern machinery imported from Europe and a team of highly skilled craftsmen, with long-term experience, so we can provide furniture items ordered by request, manufactured according todesign for each project. With today’s top quality.
Construction Building
Buildings, restaurants, hotels, villas.
Construction is the stage in which all construction works are performed for all calculations and expectations that can be realized and put into use. Construction is one of the most important steps, following the design stage to complete a complete house. With the strength and construction experience of nearly 20 years, IDT is a construction unit that has received the trust of many customers in construction works.
Furniture supply
Supply Furniture
Tailoring production, According to orders, selling furniture.
IDT Furniture Manufactory in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, With an area of nearly 2000m2 and equipped with modern machinery imported from Europe to produce high quality products. Meet the strict requirements of the market
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