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Receptionist – Office Counter – Gray white counter

Receptionist - Office Counter - Gray white counter The front desk QT21091 for office is a new design with modern style. Reception is the place where activities to welcome guests, receive and guide handling administrative affairs, answer questions between customers and businesses. Therefore, counters are usually located outside the workspace, located in the lobby, office lobby. The counter is made of moisture-resistant MDF, coated with white melamine and dark gray. Counter size: D2,4xR0,65xC0,75 / 1,05m. Products are calculated by sets. (excluding chairs, computers, ...) Brand: IDT Decor Place of origin: IDT genuine brand Furniture made in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Size: Length x WIDTH X HEIGHT: 2400 x 700 x 1050 mm (Can be changed according to separate order) Material: Moisture-resistant MDF wood coated with white Melamine + high-grade dark gray. (Subject to change upon order) Color: Can be changed upon request Warranty: IDT warranty 12 months of use